This project includes additional piping for the snowmelt system, new fan coils, pool room exhaust and ductwork


This is a project for Salt Lake County and includes replacing the package rooftop units


We are currently working with the University of Utah on several projects including a boiler, chiller and some work at the medical center

Okland Construction

This project was recently completed with Okland Construction. Project included eight buildings of plumbing and HVAC

Layton Construction

Plan and spec of HVAC equipment. HVAC consists of installation of electric radiant panels, air cooled condensing units, ductless split systems, evaporative coolers, exhaust fans, electric unit heaters, intake hood, gas fired unit heaters, indoor fan coils and a ERV system. Plumbing includes waste, vent, domestic water and roof drains

Layton Construction

Supply and installed exhaust fans, electric unit heaters, gas fired unit heater, VAV boxes, VRF heat pumps, VRF branch controllers, outdoor air systems, split systems, radiant tube heaters, refrigerant piping, controls, ductwork, seismic restraints, start-up, Plumbing included waste, water, and gas piping, plumbing fixtures, excavating of underground piping, testing and start-up

Span Construction

Supply and Installed boilers, cooling towers, custom air handlers, chillers, pumps and VDF’s including all piping and start-up. Plumbing work included waste and venting, roof drains, gas piping, water heaters and seismic restraints

Layton Construction

Installed rooftop units, exhaust fans, ductwork, temperature controls, freezer radiant slab heating, duct insulation, seismic restraints, star-up and balancing. Plumbing included waste, vent, water and gas piping. Plumbing fixtures and underground piping, testing and start-up


Supply and Installed boilers, cooling towers, custom air handlers, chillers, pumps and VDF’s including all piping and start-up. Plumbing work included waste and venting, roof drains, gas piping, water heaters and seismic restraints

Big D Construction

Supply and installed air cooled condensers, chillers, chilled water pumps, fire damper, control valves, cold water piping, heat exchangers, chilled water pumps, expansion tanks, air separators, glycol make-up tank, chemical water treatment, insulation and seismic restraints

Q&D Construction

Included piping for cold and hot water supply, chilled water piping. Installed building’s gas piping. Domestic waste and venting system. Storm drain system and compressed air system. Building water loop system as well as snow melt system and radiant floor heating system. Rooftop units, cooling tower, ERV’s, Make Up Air Units and VFD’s.

Wasatch High School:
Layton Construction

Construction of a new 300,000 square foot high school in Heber City, Utah. HVAC work includes three (3) 300-ton chillers, six (6) 3,000,000 btu boilers, fourteen (14) custom-built air handling units with associated VAV boxes, controls and hydronic piping. Plumbing work includes domestic water, waste and vent piping, roof drain piping, acid waste piping and compressed air piping. Work also includes installation of all kitchen and restroom equipment.

Hill Air Force Base – North Plating Shop:
Owner Direct

Design/Build Plating Shop remodel. This work includes the replacement of the cadmium and chrome lines. Work also includes installation of three (3) large ovens, forty-nine (49) tanks, steam, gas, reverse osmosis, air and acid waste piping. Integration of new Allen Bradley control system with existing building systems, tanks, overhead crane and new scrubbers with PVC ductwork.

Utah Transit Authority–Warm Springs Facility:
Owner Direct

Performance of miscellaneous upgrade work to retrofit existing warehouse space into full functioning maintenance facility. This work includes design-build vehicle exhaust system, warehouse heating system and office build-out. Work consists of gas piping, steam piping, equipment installation, electrical and various other build-out tasks.

City Creek Tower 5:

Complete core and shell HVAC and plumbing for 22 level high rise. Install high efficient make up air unit, boilers, exhaust fans, and water source heat pumps. Complete 3D layout of floor penetrations and imbeds for hangers and seismic bracing for future HVAC and plumbing in condos.

Fashion Place Mall:
Camco Construction

Demolition of plumbing of HVAC systems for preparation of added tenant space. Relocation of site utilities to allow for new buildings. Complete plumbing and HVAC systems on new buildings. Remodeled existing facility.

Walker Center Renovation:

Design-assisted project for the complete renovation of all mechanical and plumbing systems throughout the 17-story building. Mechanical work consisted of one (1) new chiller, four (4) boilers, associated fan-coil units and ductwork and complete new DDC control system. Plumbing work includes new restrooms throughout building.

IMC – Womens & Newborns / Outpatient Care:
Layton Construction

Six floor tenant finish at the new IHC Hospital at 5400 South State. HVAC work includes installation of 137 VAV boxes with associated controls and hydronic piping. Plumbing work includes waste and vent piping, medical gas piping and installation of 200 sinks and 100 toilets.

Sunrise at Escala :
Wadman Corporation

Construction of a new 4-story, 90 unit condominium complex with underground parking. HVAC consists of installation of one (1) cooling tower, one (1) chiller and two (2) boilers supplying 272 fan coil units. Snowmelt system includes two (2) boilers and 25,000 square feet of underground piping. Plumbing includes waste, vent, domestic water and roof drains.

Auto Owners Insurance:
Layton Construction

Complete plan spec HVAC and plumbing project. Snow melt, boilers, chillers, seismic engineering and bracing, DDC control system. Air handler and VAV system.

Silver Baron Lodge – Deer Valley:

Construction of new 5-story building with 25 high-end condo units. Mechanical work includes installation of four-pipe heating and air-conditioning system, boiler installation, parking garage snowmelt system and installation of all plumbing fixtures.

Provo Center for the Arts:

Complete demolition of the Provo city library and installation of all mechanical systems for a new theatrical center. Work includes installation of a hot-water VAV system including boiler, piping and associated insulation. Work also includes a complete plumbing system.

Freeport Landmark Buildings 2, 3 & 4:
Layton Construction

Complete plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation for over 1,650,000 square feet of building shell space. Plumbing work includes roof drain installation, water, waste, vent and gas piping. HVAC work includes installation of twenty (20) 1,375,000 btu make-up air units with all associated ductwork and controls.

E-Trade Tenant Finish:
New Concepts

Complete tenant finish of over 80,000 square feet on 4 stories. Contract to completion for this project was 73 days. Mechanical work included installation of sixty-three (63) VAV boxes with associated hot water piping and supply/return ductwork and five (5) Stultz computer-room units with associated chilled water piping. Plumbing work consisted of the installation of four (4) additional restrooms on each floor and miscellaneous break room sinks.

Stag Lodge:
Layton Construction

Complete mechanical remodel of 4-story resort lodge. Work includes demolition of existing units, ductwork and piping. HVAC work includes installation of new air handling units, chiller, fan coil units with associated ductwork and controls. Plumbing work includes new fixtures, snowmelt system, grease and waste piping and kitchen equipment installation.

University of Utah College of Social Work:
Big D

Complete mechanical system for a new 2-story addition on the University of Utah campus for the College of Social Work. Mechanical work includes installation of a new 50-ton custom air-handling unit, with a VAV box distribution system, associated ductwork and controls. Plumbing work includes chilled and hot water piping, waste and vent piping and domestic distribution piping as required.

ATK – Buildings H5 and H6:
Owner Direct

Installation of six (6) make-up air units and one (1) rooftop unit with miscellaneous ductwork and controls.

  • Global Parts: 3G Construction
  • Utah National Guard: Owner Direct
  • BMW: New Concepts
  • Calvin Rampton Building: Utah Tile & Roofing
  • O’ Shucks: Quarry Village
  • O.C. Tanner
  • Fort Douglas
  • Injection Molding
  • Fed Ex
  • Sunroc
  • Tai Pan Trading
  • Granite School Distric- data center
  • Franklin Tempelton: Big D
  • Camp Williams- marine building: Big D
  • Sundial Lodge: Canyons
  • Goldman Sachs: Okland Construction
  • John Paris
  • Coremark: 3G Construction
  • American Fork Hospital
  • Salt Palace- Upgrade
  • BioLife: Trane
  • Huish Detergents
  • Johnson Matthey Refinery
  • Kennecott: Layton Construction
  • Stein Erickson Lodge: Layton Construction
  • Dugway
  • Silverado Restaurant: Newstar Construction
  • Ferguson: Midgley Construction
  • West Jordan Waste Management: Owner Direct
  • Bard Access: Big D
  • Jordan High School: Owner Direct
  • Stag Lodge: Layton Construction
  • Salt Lake Community College
  • Sandy Park Center Building 2: Okland Construction
  • West Liberty Foods: Gleeson
  • LHM Toyota Murray: Big D
  • UVU- Student Life Center: Jacobsen
  • BYU- Laundry & Maintenance Buildings: Zwick
  • Varian Medical:Jacobsen
  • Skyline High School
  • Evergreen Middle School
  • Reckitt Benckiser: Okland Construction
  • Exelis Aerostructures: Big D
  • UUHC/PCMC Ambulatory Care Parking Structure: Jacobsen
  • Provo Fire Station: Layton Construction